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Duffy's musical efforts are equally ill-fated. Famed guitarist Andrew Nine West Zoe77G
expresses interest in producing The Brood, singling out lead vocalist Taylor for particular praise. However, during recording sessions with Baxter and producer Ron Saint Germain , Duffy attempts to wrest control away from them, ignores any advice that contradicts his own opinions, and refuses to listen to Baxter's concerns about the band's heavy alcohol consumption. After being dropped by Maverick Records, Duffy and his band are signed to Atlantic Records . Renaming themselves The Boondock Saints, their debut CD sells only 690 copies, and they are dropped from the label shortly before disbanding.

In 1998, Duffy is finally able to obtain financing for the film through Franchise Pictures , although it totals less than half of Miramax's offer. The Boondock Saints is promoted at the Bates Cobra Mens Work Boots Bu933Q
, but all the major American distribution companies pass on it. The film manages to receive a limited release in five cities, but performs poorly and is pulled after a week before being released on DVD and VHS. On the night of the film's screening at the Palm Springs Film Festival, Duffy and producer Chris Brinker are almost killed by a car jumping the curb and speeding off; the car and its driver remain unidentified. Although positive reviews of the movie begin to spread via word-of-mouth and the film becomes a financial success, Duffy's contract with Franchise Films stipulates he cannot profit from the film's television, home media, or foreign sales. He eventually spends all of the money he earned from his film and record deals, his bar closes, and he is unable to secure any work in Hollywood within six years after the production of The Boondock Saints .

Overnight received positive reviews. On Rotten Tomatoes , it has a 78% fresh rating, based on 77 reviews. The consensus says, "This absorbing but wince-inducing documentary is a Skechers Relaxed Fit Reggae Fest Marlin Womens Mules qPkaIHp6DG
about the costs of hubris in the world of indie film." [2] Roger Ebert gave Overnight 3-out-of-4 stars, writing, "[Duffy's] family, we sense during one scene, has been listening to this blowhard for a lifetime, and although they are happy to share his success, they're sort of waiting to see how he screws up. ... So are we." [1]

Comedian Adam Carolla mentions Overnight in his book In 50 Years We'll All Be Chicks (2010), describing the documentary as a modern-day cautionary tale , and further suggesting that Troy Duffy's behavior is an example of how to not behave upon attaining success. In November 2011, Carolla released a podcast interview with Troy Duffy. Admitting that he was not on his best behavior during the time the documentary was filmed, Duffy nonetheless insists that Overnight was unfairly slanted to make him appear like a "boorish asshole." [3]

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In 2017, Venezuela had about 2.7 million b/d of total nameplate refining capacity assets throughout the United States, the Caribbean, Europe, and in Venezuela. However, actual operating capacity is significantly lower—estimated at about 1.8 million b/d—as a result of the disrepair at PdVSA’s refineries in Venezuela, which have operated at rates as low as 20% in 2017 and in early 2018.

Venezuela had 1.3 million b/d of domestic nameplate crude oil refining capacity in 2017, which were all operated by PdVSA. [14] However, actual refining capacity in early 2018 was less than half of its nameplate capacity, estimated at 626,000 b/d. Nearly all of the facilities have fallen into disrepair, and some facilities lack feedstock to run at rates higher than 20%-30%. A number of facilities have suffered damage from fires and operational accidents over the past few years, and PdVSA lacks the funds to repair them or invest sufficient capital to keep the facilities operating. Venezuela’s major facilities include the Paraguana Refining Center (nameplate capacity 955,000 b/d), Puerto de la Cruz (nameplate capacity 195,000 b/d), El Palito (nameplate capacity 140,000 b/d), and San Roque (nameplate capacity 5,800 b/d). PdVSA also owns the 16,000 b/d Bajo Grande refinery, but this facility was shut down in August 2016. Additionally, San Roque operates infrequently as a result of lack of crude oil feedstock.

PdVSA also operates significant refining capacity outside the country. The largest share of Venezuela’s foreign downstream operations is in the United States, followed by significant operations in the Caribbean and stakes in Europe. CITGO, a wholly-owned subsidiary of PDVSA, operates three refineries (Lake Charles, Louisiana; Corpus Christi, Texas; and Lemont, Illinois), with a combined crude oil distillation capacity of about 758,000 b/d. PdVSA used to own a 50% stake in the Louisiana Chalmette refinery, but in 2015 ExxonMobil and PdVSA reached an agreement with PBF Energy for the sale of the refinery. Similarly, the Sweeney, Texas, refinery is no longer part of PdVSA’s refining portfolio since September 2015, when federal court in New York ruled that ConocoPhillips is the sole owner of the facility in. The court case and ruling was the result of a contractual dispute between PdVSA and ConocoPhillips.

In May 2018, ConocoPhillips also targeted PdVSA’s Caribbean assets in an effort to enforce the $2 billion arbitration award given to the company as compensation for Venezuela’s nationalizations of its oil projects. ConocoPhillips reportedly is looking at PdVSA assets on Curacao, Bonaire, and St. Eustatius and has seized storage tanks and operations on the islands. As a result, Venezuela is unable to use the crucial Curacao terminal for crude oil exports to Asia, further deepening the country’s problems in producing and exporting crude oil.

PdVSA, through its subsidiary PDV Europe B.V., also owns a 50% stake of Nynas AB and its refineries across Europe. PdVSA also owns a 25% stake in the Eastham, UK refinery, which is a joint venture with Shell.

In the Caribbean, PdVSA owns about 600,000 b/d of nominal refining capacity, including facilities in Curacao, Aruba , Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic , although, operational capacity is much lower. For example, the Isla refinery in Curacao has a nameplate capacity of 335,000 b/d, but its operating capacity in the first quarters of 2018 was lower than 100,000 b/d because one of the refineries’ distillation units has been out of service. In early April 2018, the refinery was almost completely shut down as PdVSA has been unable to pay for the light crude oil that is processed at the refinery and lacked funds to repair the steam and power issues at the facility.

PdVSA also used to own a 49% stake in Cuba’s Cienfuegos 65,000 b/d refinery but appears to have pulled out of the partnership sometime in 2017. In December 2017, Granma, the Cuban Communist Party’s newspaper, reported that since August 2017, the Cienfuegos refinery had been operating as a fully Cuban state entity. PdVSA has not issued any statements regarding this change.

Venezuela has the second-largest natural gas reserves in the Americas, behind the United States and is the eighth-largest holder of natural gas reserves in the world. Much of Venezuela’s natural gas is used to increase production in its mature oil fields, and its development of natural gas resources has generally lagged behind that of oil.

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