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"This man should be dead!"



"This man should be dead!" 

That was the comment of police, paramedics and critical care emergency personnel who viewed this video. 

That was my comment too as I sat in the car that captured this event on film.

"Oh no!" I cried, as I witnessed this tragic accident from the passenger seat. "He died!" 

"No, Mom," my daughter said calmly, as she sat in the driver's seat. "There's nothing wrong with him." 

We could both see there was something wrong with him, but my daughter's confidence in God's ability to raise the dead nourished my own faith and a peace came over me. 

It was our first day with a dash cam. 

"What made you buy a dash cam?" the policeman asked as he investigated the accident. "In all my years of policework, I've never come across anyone who videotaped an accident before." 

"I felt led to buy it," my daughter answered simply.

We realized it wasn't common to ride around with a dash cam fastened to the windshield. Maybe in Russia, but not so much in the USA. But a few weeks before, my daughter felt led to order one. She wasn't worried about gathering proof in case of a car accident. Being very strong in the prophetic, she had a prophetic sense that she would capture some kind of supernatural miracle that would take place.

So she asked her husband to order one for her. Being a very busy person, he normally would have put it off till a later date, but for some reason he felt compelled to get it ordered right away. He ordered one from Amazon that night. Amazon said it was on back order and wouldn't arrive until the end of June (2014). Much to our surprise, it arrived in May, weeks ahead of schedule. But once it arrived, it just sat on the counter for several days.

The day before Mother's Day, my daughter felt an urgency to get that dash cam installed in the car. She helped her husband put it in just to make sure it happened that night. That's how it came to be that Mother's Day was our very first day using the dash cam. 

On Mother's Day, my daughter and I, along with my two granddaughters, ages 10 and 8, headed out to deliver some gifts. We were traveling south on 162nd Ave in Vancouver, Washington. A motorcyclist, going an estimated 80 miles an hour in a 40 mile an hour zone, lost control and crashed. We watched in horror as he skidded across the pavement and flew under the car in front of us. Because he was only a few feet away, the entire incident was captured on our brand new dash cam. The video shows how that car rolled the man as he flew under it. It is a shocking sight. But for as bad as it looks on video, the view was much worse in person. What we saw happen to that man under that car was something no one could survive. 

A cry rose up from within me for that man's life. It was as if I was crying out for my own family member and I felt completely connected with God in that moment. We are not strangers to the supernatural. We have seen miracles countless times. But we had never encountered anything like this. My daughter lifted her arms in the air and yelled, "Resurrection life! Resurrection life!" The two girls in the backseat prayed together. My oldest granddaughter began to declare, "No! He will not die!"

The man began to convulse and then went completely motionless. I knew what that convulsion meant. I knew that was the sign of death. It was at that point that I cried, "Oh no! He died!"

And my daughter reassured me with her gentle words. "No, Mom, there is nothing wrong with him."

She believed that if God put us there with a dash cam right in front of the scene that it would not end like this. It took only two and a half minutes for the ambulance to arrive. Five minutes after the accident took place, the man suddenly sat up. He stood to his feet and walked away as if nothing had happened to him. The paramedics didn't have any injuries to attend to. He didn't even have a concussion.

This is where the story gets more interesting. I happen to know a number of paramedics. I took the video to them and asked them to give me their take on the accident. They blew it up many times bigger so they could watch every detail. When they witnessed the man convulsing, they announced, "Well...he's dead." Apparently, that kind of convulsing movement, or twitching, as they called it, is called pre-death traumatic brain injury, which can happen even with a helmet on. That is what happens to someone just before they die.

When the man stood to his feet, with no apparent injuries at all, it sent shock waves through those who viewed it. One critical care specialist yelled, "This can't be happening! There is no way!" Others cried upon seeing the man stand up. They had to watch it dozens of times just to make sure that what they were seeing was real.

This has been the reaction of all medical professionals who have seen it, especially those who deal with emergency care. I was told that the video was taken to the man in the accident so he could see for himself that he had a miracle.

It wasn't too long ago I heard a prophetic word say that the time was soon coming when miracles would be caught on video and shown around the world. I latched on to that word when I heard it, and lo and behold, it happened right in front of us. The day is coming when miracles will be filmed. God wants to reveal himself to people. He wants you to know he cares.

If you want to watch it on You Tube, simply type in "Motorcycle Accident Miracle" and it should be the first video to pop up. Or you can insert the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDRRqL39omE 

Try to watch it on as big of a screen as you can find. It's difficult to see what's happening on a small screen.

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